Example settings appliances and devices

In general, there are two important settings for mobile data connections:

1- Data roaming must be ON. Most manufacturers turn data roaming OFF by default to avoid high costs of data use in other countries.

Worldmobile sims are specially made for roaming. Data roaming must be ON.

2- APN Settings (Access Point Names)

Usually APN is set automatically by the devices. But it sometimes happens that APN is not set correctly. Then you need to set APN.

APN for Worldmobile PRO sim is worldmobile

APN for other products (travelsim, travel esim and m2m sim) is send.ee . You can also use the internet for these products.

Ajax Alarm Hub

  1. Insert the SIM card into the SIM 1 slot and apply the installation instructions
  2. Connect to LAN and turn on the Hub
  3. Use the Ajax Pro Installer App or the Ajax User App as admin to open the mobile menu under the Hub settings
  4. Enable mobile data, roaming, ignore the network registration error and disable ping before connecting. Then exit the menus completely
  5. Reopen the mobile menu under the Hub settings, select SIM 1 and enter the SIM APN information before exiting the menu settings (see sticker on the SIM card) . APN for worldmobile PRO sim is worldmobileand for the other sims send.ee
  6. The panel updates the GSM settings and the SIM registers in the network. After registration, your device is ready to use

TP-Link Routers

  1. TP-Link routers have Roaming OFF by default. You need to login to the TP-Link router and turn Roaming ON.

Alcatel Routers

  1. Alcatel routers have Roaming ON by default. You don’t have to set anything.

sim voor XPLORA horloges

  1. Worldmobile travelsim is suitable as a sim for XPLORA watches and it works without any problems. If it doesn’t work then check data roaming settings.

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers usually have 2G connectivity.

Setting of APN can be done by sending SMS messages to the tracker (see the tracker’s documentation, or search the internet for the tracker brand/model)

The phone number of travelsim and m2m sim is on the card and it started with +372.

The phone number of Worldmobile pro sim starts with 3277. You can find out the number by sending an SMS with the PRO sim to a mobile number, or by sending an email to our info email by mentioning the long number on the sims that starts with 8932.