WorldMobile Pro Handleiding

Worldmobile PRO customers will only receive an account if they do not plan to use any data packages. 

Customers with an account use the data with normal rates, or with a DISCOUNT rate.

All Worldmobile Pro sim/e-sim customers buy their credit and/or data packages on this website. You can also ask for an invoice and/or payment request. We manually top ip the sims/e-sims in the system.

Use of the Pro sim in a WiFi Hotspot (Data tethering) is allowed. 

There are no restrictions on the duration of use of Pro sim/e-sim abroad.

A Worldmobile Pro sim/e-sim is only active if the sim/e-sim has balance or data packages. The SIM/e-SIM will otherwise be automatically deactivated.

You can keep an inactive SIM and reactivate it later by buying balance or data packages.

For prepaid accounts, the top up of the account is only possible by payment in advance (bank transfer, website balance purchase or we send a payment request).

Customers who do not have access to the PRO enterprise portal can purchase balance and/or Worldmobile PRO data packages on the website.

For quick handling it is advised to send an email directly to with your order number and sim/e-sim numbers.

We process balance/data package purchases within a day, usually within an hour.

Worldmobile PRO product has a standard data rate< /a> which is calculated per MB. You can never use more data than what is possible with your account and SIM balance.

Customers can also use DISCOUNT rates, data packages, or subscriptions. 

For customers with a high number of sims/esims and/or data usage, we set customized prices. Please request a quote if this is the case for you.

Prices of the standard packages can be found here .

Customers who have access to the PRO enterprise portal can see and manage all their sims on the Woldmobile PRO portal. 

Customers who do not have portal access will receive a text message if their active data package is 75% used, or if their balance is less than 5 euros. If you have multiple packages on a sim, you will receive a separate message for each package.

You can always send an e-mail to and request your balance and/or remaining data in your package(s).

Worldmobile Pro sims have a Belgium number that can be used for SMS only. You can send an SMS to any opher number and see your number. If this is not possible then you can send us an email to inquire your sims SMS number.

Customers with portal access can activate and deactivate their sims in the portal. 

Customers who do not have access to the portal can send an email to with their request, do not forget to include your SIM number starting with 893.

Orders with physical sims that contain balance / data package are processed with care. Your sims are sent as inactive. We only activate the sims when the customer sends an email and confirms that he/she has received the sim.

In most cases, the internet works without any set-up requirements. You must just have some balance on the SIM card or purchase a data package. 

If necessary, you can add an APN (Access Point Name) with value: worldmobile

Note: Please also check on your device that:

– Mobile data is allowed

– Data roaming is ON

Receiving SMS is free with Worldmobile PRO sims and PRO esims. 

Sending SMS messages is possible. See PRO SMS rates

To be able to send SMS messages you must have some free balance on your Pro sim/e-sim. Data packages contain only data. Costs of SMS messages are calculated separately. If you do not have any free balance on your sim/e=sim, you cannot send SMS messages.