M2M-SIM Handleiding

Send an email to Worldmobile with the following information:

  • Your SIM card number (starts with +372)
  • your name
  • Your address
  • If you ordered the sim from a sales partnet, then the order number from the partner

We create your account and send the login details by email.

Travel SIM, M2M SIM and Travel e-SIM

You can log in to the Worldmobile web site and top up your SIM card(s). We do not accept credit cards or paypal. You can pay online with iDEAL or with payment solutions from Belgian banks.

You can also request an invoice and pay the invoice. We will top up your account/sim after receiving your payment.

World Mobile Pro sim and e-sim:

For prepaid accounts, the account can only be topped up by payment in advance. Please send us an email of call us.

Travel sim, M2M sim, and Travel e-sim

This information is  visible after logging in to the Worldmobile account.

You can also call *146*099# from your phone.

Balance and phone number will appear on your screen.

Orders with a balance are handled with extra care.

SIM cards with balance will be sent blocked.

If you receive a blocked SIM you can call Worldmobile or send an email. We will activate your sim within a day.

In most cases, the internet works without any problems. 

If necessary, you can create an APN (Access Names) with the following value: send.ee

WorldMobile M2M customers can view their SMS traffic and data usage history at any time. All data is shown with country of use, caller and number called and the associated costs.

There is no restriction on the consultable history.

In some cases, a few minutes may delay data viewing.

Data usage data is shown after the roaming partner has sent the usage data to WorldMobile.

SMS will not work on the first day of using the SIM. SIM card must register in the SMS system.

SMS function does work from the 2nd day of using a SIM.

To be able to use the internet, data usage and data roaming must be enabled on your device.

Use in a WiFi Hotspot (Data tethering) is allowed.

Worldmobile M2M sim product has a standard data rate that is calculated per MB. You can never use more data than what is possible with your balance.

You can also use data packages to use the internet cheaply in many countries.

M2M data packages have the following two characteristics.

  • You can add an M2M package to your sim even with no/insufficient balance. The package will be activated with the next data usage, provided there is sufficient balance on the sim.
  • The packages are automatically renewed. Renewal occurs at the first day after the previous package period has expired.

M2M data packages can be activated with a telephone. See package activation codes below.

You can also send an email to info@worldmobile.nl. We will activate your desired package on your sim. Please provide the package number and sim phone number.

Package activation codes

  • To request the status of a data package call code: *146*942*N# (N is package number)
  • To activate a data package call code: *146*941*N# (N is package number)
  • To cancel a data package call code: *146*940*N# (N is package number)


For example, to activate package 48 you must dial *146*941*48# on your device. You will receive a notification afterwards.