International SIM Cards And E-SIMS for Data, SMS and Calling


Worldmobile offers physical SIM cards and e-SIMs for mobile data/internet in approximately 200 countries.

Our data rates are much more favorable than the roaming rates of your normal mobile subscription. You can save on your data costs abroad by using one of our sim/e-SIMs.

Our Worldmobile Pro sim and e-SIM has affordable data packages in 191 countries. Data packages are available for 30 days or 365 days.

Our Travel sim and Travel e-SIM products also offer mobile data abroad. This product also has data packages, but only in 110 countries, and only for 30 days.


Only Worldmobile Travel sim and Travel e-SIM also has voice support. This sim has an Estonia number for making and receiving calls.

Receiving calls  is free in many countries.

Calling from EU countries to EU countries costs 15 cents/minute.

Calling from the Netherlands, Belgium and other EU countries to countries outside the EU usually costs about 39 cents/minute.

Calling from countries outside the EU (to all countries in the world) is also cheaper.

You can see calling rates here.

We can customize the caller id for the business customers.


Our Worldmobile Pro sim/e-SIM and Travel sim/e-SIM have SMS support.

Receiving SMS is always free.

Sending SMS from EU countries is cheaper with Travel sim/e-SIM.

Sending SMS messages from countries outside the EU is usually cheaper with Worldmobile Pro sim/e-SIM.

Worldmobile Pro sim/e-SIM has a 15-digit Belgium number.

Travel sim/e-SIM has an Estonia number.


Worldmobile mobile data costs a maximum of 10 cents/MB in 191 countries with the right SIM.

Data is even cheaper with data packages, or using DISCOUNT rates.

Mobile data abroad costs from 3 euros/GB depending on the data package.

You can choose between our different SIM cards and e-SIMs, and activate your data package.

Worldmobile offers international mobile data services in the Netherlands and Belgium, in all EU countries, and in almost 200 countries.

We provide physical 4-in-1 SIM cards and e-SIMs.

Our sims are mainly intended for use abroad because we have very low data roaming rates. The sims are also suitable for use as a data sim in the EU countries. There is no limit to how long the sims can be used abroad. There is also no restriction on how the data is used: Data sharing (tethering) is allowed.

We offer 3 different products: Worldmobile Pro sim and e-sim, Travel sim and e-sim, and M2M sim.

Here is an explanation of these products.

Travelsim en Travel e-sim

Travelsim and Travel e-sim is suitable for mobile data, SMS and calling.

This product is more suitable for individuals. Businesses can also use these sims, especially if calling is also required.

Travel sim and e-sim is suitable for occasional use abroad; for example, if you go on holiday to a country outside the EU, or if your provider does not allow you to use their SIM abroad for a long time.

Monthly data packages are available in over 100 countries.

You can also make cheap calls to many countries with these sims. Calling while abroad is also beneficial.

You will receive your own account to top up the sim/e-sim and view usage history.

This sim/e-sim has an Estonia number.

Worldmobile Pro sim and Pro e-sim

Worldmobile Pro sim/e-sim works in all countries. Data packages are available in 191 countries.

With this product you can use mobile data and send and receive text messages. Calling is not possible.

Worldmobile Pro is suitable for private and business use. Business customers get their own portal access in which they can manage all their sims and e-sims.

Standard data rate varies by country and varies between 1 cent/MB and 10 cents/MB in 191 countries.

You can also use DISCOUNT rates and get up to 60% off already low rates.

Consumers can also use data packages.

We make rate agreements with business customers.

This product has a 15-digit Belgium number.

M2M sim

The M2M sim is a physical sim that is suitable for devices such as alarms, gps trackers, etc.

You can use this product for data and SMS. Calling is not possible.

The M2M sim is not intended for devices with more than 100MB data usage per month, because the costs can be too high. In these cases you can use the Worldmobile Pro sim.

M2M sim also has data packages in 2 country zones.

On this sim we offer a 500MB data package that is valid for 10 years in Zone 1 (Including EU countries). This package costs 28.38 euros excluding VAT.

The M2M sim has an Estonia number.

Advice: Which SIM/e-SIM is for you?

Which SIM should I not have?M2M sim is specially made for devices with small amount of data usage. It is not intended for normal use in a telephone or mifi router. Data usage costs can be too high with the M2M sim.

Order the M2M sim if you are going to use one of the 500MB/10-year packages.

In other cases, a Worldmobile Pro sim is better for use in devices.
SIM card or e-SIM: which one should I have?e-SIM is not a physical sim. It is installed on an e-sim capable telephone by using a QR-Code.

Check whether your device works with e-SIM before you order an e-SIM.
Can I also make and receive calls with the Worldmobile sim/esim?Making and receiving calls is only possible with Travel sim and Travel e-sim. Receiving calls is free in many countries.

Mobile international calling is really cheap with the travelsim and travel e-sim.
I want a SIM with low data rates abroad. Which sim is better?Worldmobile Pro sim or Pro e-sim have lower standard data rates.
I need a sim or esim for a short stay abroad. Which SIM should I have?You can use travelsim or Worldmobile Pro sim. Use the travel sim/e-sim is calling is a must requirement.

It is better to use the sims with a data package.

Worldmobile Pro simcard and e-sim have identical data packages.

Data packages of travelsim and travel esim are not the same.

You should compare the data packages carefully before ordering a sim or esim to use with data packages.
I want a sim with annual data packages. Is this possible?Worldmobile Pro sim and Pro e-sim data packages can also be used for a year instead of 30 days. You pay 15 euros extra to make a data package valid for 1 year.

Travelsim and Travel e-sim data packages are valid for a maximum of 30 days. The packages take effect the moment you activate the package.
Are there other alternatives rather that data packages for using data with lower rates?Worldmobile Pro sim and esim also have DISCOUNT rates.

With this pricing model you pay a fixed monthly fee per SIM, but you get up to 60% discount on the already low Worldmobile Pro standard data rates in 191 countries.
I want a sim for my mifi routerYou can use travelsim or Worldmobile Pro sim.

You should compare data rates and data packages carefully before ordering a sim.
I want to buy a SIM with a lot of data or unlimited data. Is this possible?All Worldmobile sims and e-sims are made for international use.

If you want to buy a SIM in your own country with a lot of/unlimited data, then it is better to buy a local SIM.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of data packages?Data packages offer data with lower MB rates.

On the other hand, the data you did not use withing package period will be lost. This is a disadvantage especially for the expensive data packages.

Worldmobile Pro DISCOUNT rates make it possible to use data cheaper and only pay for the data amount that is actually used.

Benefits For Consumers

Worldmobile is the right sim/e-sim supplier in cases where you pay too much for mobile services, especially abroad.

All our sims and e-sims are prepaid. You will never pay more than what you have paid in advance.

We supply normal 4-in-1 SIM cards and e-SIMs. If you ordered a SIM for your holiday this year, you don’t need to buy a SIM next year. You can top up and use your SIM card/e-SIM again next year.

Our SIM cards are mainly suitable for the following situations:

  • You need mobile data in a country outside your country. Worldmobile offers mobile data abroad with really affordable rates. We offer data packages in 191 countries.
  • You need mobile data for a device that uses little data. Our SIM cards are cheaper if you need little mobile data, even in your own country.
  • You regularly travel to other countries and your mobile provider imposes restrictions on the period or amount of data usage abroad.
  • You want to use a SIM that can connect to multiple networks.
  • You want to share your mobile data between different devices, but your provider does not allow this.
  • You also want to call and receive calls abroad, or receive and send text messages.


You can read the information on this website and order the right SIM or e-SIM.

Benefits For Businesses

Worldmobile offers international sims and e-sims with favorable data and text rates abroad. Our data rates for other countries outside are much cheaper than the data roaming rates of local mobile providers.

Worldmobile Pro sims/e-sims work with at least two networks in every EU country, with the exception of Belgium where only the Proximus network can be used. Worldmobile Pro sims work with Vodafone and KPN networks in the Netherlands.

Worldmobile Pro sims are also suitable for LTE-M devices in certain countries.

Our Worldmobile Pro business sim/e-sim product offers the following capabilities:

  • A low sim/e-sim monthly fee of 1 euro per sim.
  • Data prices vary between 1 cent/MB and 10 cents/MB in 191 countries. Of course we agree on special prices with business customer.
  • By default, you use a shared bundle that can be used worldwide. We agree on a MB data rate for each country in advance; You pay for the total usage of all sims.
  • You will have access to a Worldmobile Pro business account that allows you to manage all your the sims.
  • You have the option to use our API to manage your sims automatically.
  • You have the option to use your own APN, and/or integrate your sims with your corporate network using a platform-to-site connection.
You can of course also use Travel SIM and Travel e-SIM, especially if you want to make and receive calls.
Our SIM cards are also suitable for use in devices such as ATMs and POS machines, PoC walkie-talkies, GPS trackers, EV chargers, backup internet connections, etc.

All SIMs and e-SIMs are prepaid

All Worldmobile SIM cards and e-SIMs are prepaid.

There are no fixed costs if you use your sim/e-sim with a data package.

Travel sim and Travel e-sim have no fixed costs even if you use these sims without data packages. But the standard data rates are usually higher than the Worldmobile Pro sim and Pro esim.

Worldmobile Pro sim and e-sim have no fixed costs if you use the sim/e-sim with a data package. The PRO products do have a 1 euro monthly fee if you always want to keep this sim/esim active. On the other hand, you get a much lower MB data price with the Pro sim/e-sim.

If you no longer have a balance on a Pro sim/e-sim, the sim/e-sim will be made inactive. It can be activated at a later time.

Data Packs are available on all sims

WorldMobile offers data packages on all sims and e-sims.

Data Packages for all SIMs and e-SIMs can be viewed on this website. In most cases, Worldmobile PRO data packages are cheaper.

The SIM cards are active for at least 12 months

Worldmobile sims have a long validity: your sim will remain active for up to a year after your last use.

Your balance on the Travelsim, Travel e-sim and M2M sim remains valid 15 months after your balance purchase.

Worldmobile Pro sim/e-sim will remain active as long as it has balance.

Your Worldmobile PRO sim/esim will be made inactive if it has no balance and no active data package. You can reactivate your inactive SIM / e-SIM free of charge within one year.

Attractive Rates

WorldMobile offers data and SMS services abroad with affordable prices.

Data abroad costs from 3 euros/GB

Sending SMS is possible from 0.05 euro/SMS.

Making and receiving calls is only possible with Travel SIM and Travel E-SIM. International calls can be made from 15 cents per minute. Receiving calls is free in most countries.

Consult product information per product to see the costs per product.

Business Solutions

We recommend Worldmobile Pro product for companies who want to use large numbers of data sims or large amounts of data. WorldMobile Pro has its own management platform.

Worldmobile PRO sims and e-sims are data/SMS enabled and have no usage restrictions abroad.

Worldmobile PRO sims work on LTE-M networks in certain countries, including the Netherlands and most EU countries.

Business customers can also use multiple travelsim, travel e-SIM and M2M sims and manage them with an account. Business balance purchase is divided between the SIM cards when it is needed.

We also provide our services through resellers.