WorldMobile PRO SIM and e-SIM

Worldmobile Pro sim is an international sim with worldwide coverage. It is also available as a Worldmobile Pro e-Sim.

Worldmobile Pro sims/e-sims can be used by consumers and businesses.

Standard data rates (without using data packages and DISCOUNT rates) vary between 1 cent/MB and 10 cents/MB in 191 countries. Data rates are even lower if you use the data packages or DISCOUNT rates.

This sim/e-sim works in many countries with multiple networks. Worldmobile Pro works with 2G/3G/4G/5G and in certain countries also with LTE-M networks.

There are no fixed costs if you use your Pro sim/e-sim with data packages.

We also offer DISCOUNT rates on the Worldmobile Pro sim/e-sim. With the discount rates you pay a fixed monthly fee for activating the DISCOUNT rate, but you do get a discount of up to 60% on the already low data rates.

For Consumers as Travel SIM and Travel e-SIM

  • Worldmobile Pro sim/e-sim is ideal as a travel/holiday data sim or e-sim. There are favorably priced monthly data packages in 6 country zones. Data packages are available in 6 countries zones, EU, EU Plus, Business, Traveler, Complete and World.
  • Data packages have sizes from 250MB to 20 GB in each zone.
  • You can also extend data packages for one year.
  • This is a prepaid product. You avoid high roaming bills afterwards. Your costs are limited to what you have purchased beforehand.
  • These sim/e-sim have low data roaming costs in 191 countries. This is a sim that you can always use by buying an appropriate data package whenever you need data abroad.
  • Pro sim/esim works with 2G/3G/4G/5G networks. Worldmobile PRO is suitable for all types of devices.
  • There are no fixed costs if you use the Pro sim/e-sim with a data package. You only pay for the SIM and the data package. The sim/e-sim can be reused at a later date.
  • There are no restrictions on the duration and location of data use.
  • Tethering (sharing of data) is allowed.
  • Usage in a router is allowed.
  • SMS is supported (receive/send). Receiving SMS messages is free. Worldmobile Pro sim/e-sim have very cheap SMS rates in about 200 countries.

For Companies as Data SIM and e-SIM, and as M2M/LTE-M SIM

  • Worldmobile Pro has very low data roaming rates: Maximum MB data rate is 10 cents /MB  in 191 countries.
  • Business customers can use all their sims with a DISCOUNT rate. Price agreements per customer are also possible. You can request a custom quote from Worldmobile.
  • Business customers get an enterprise account to manage all their sims: Companies buy credit for their account and distribute it among their sims.
  • Worldmobile Pro sim/e-sims work with multiple networks in most countries. The sims work on KPN and Vodafone networks in the Netherlands.
  • We offer Worldwide Roaming in 191 countries.
  • There are no restrictions on type of useage/device and on duration of usage abroad.
  • Worldmobile Pro sims/e-sims work with 2G/3G/4G/5G networks, in some countries also with LTE-M networks.
  • The Pro SIM cards are suitable for all types of devices and networks.
  • Worldmobile PRO sims are also suitable for backup internet connections.
  • Country/Network, IMEI and volume restrictions per SIM are possible. You can further limit your roaming costs by limiting data volume and countries.
  • SMS is supported support (receive/send). Receiving SMS messages is free. Worldmobile Pro  SMS rates are very attractive.
  • We provide Free API access for business customers.
  • Worldmobile Pro has a Multi Level Reseller Portal. Resellers can sell Worldmobile Pro sims/e-sims with their own prices.

Two networks in each EU country

KPN and Vodafone networks in the Netherlands 

Also multiple networks in many other countries

Works in 191 countries

A globally usable sim with affordable roaming costs 

Regional break out 

Choose where your sims are connected to the internet: Europe, America or Asia 

Sim and Account level monitoring

Data usage notifications to sims with sms.

Account or sim usage notifications to emails

Customized data plans and pricing

Customized quotes for business customers. 

Shared/Pooled data plans are possible.

Send and receive SMS

Sending SMS is possible in all countries. 

Receiving SMS is always free.

RAN Network with VPN and Private APN

Securely connect your sims to your own network using APN/VPN 

IMEI lock 

Prevent fraud. SIM card can be linked to a device based on the IMEI number.

API integration 

Manage your sims with Worldmobile API

Ideal backup for the business internet

Fixed internet sometimes drops out. Use WorldMobile Pro sim as a backup. 

Manage SIM Connections

Activate/deactivate connections or manage countries/networks per SIM

Real-time insight

View real-time connection usage statistics. Monitor real-time usage costs.