Worldmobile Pro DISCOUNT Rates

Worldmobile Pro discount rates offer up to 60% lower data rates in 191 countries in return for a small monthly fee.

WorldMobile PRO sim and e-sim have no fixed costs if you use the sim with data packages.

If a sim has  balance and is active then one of the following DISCOUNT rates will apply.

A Pro sim must either have one or more active data packages, or have a DISCOUNT rate and balance to remain active. Otherwise, the SIM will be automatically made inactive.

PRO sims/esims have a standard DISCOUNT-0 rate, unless the customer uses the sim with data packages. You use data with the standard PRO data rates with the DISCOUNT-0 rate.

You can also choose DISCOUNT-20, DISCOUNT-40 or DISCOUNT-60 rates for your SIM/e-SIM. DISCOUNT-20 costs 3 euros/month, DISCOUNT-40 costs 5 euros/month and DISCOUNT-60 costs 10 euros/month. In general, the higher the fixed costs per month, the lower the data rate.

  • DISCOUNT-0: You pay 1 euro/month fee, you use data without discount.
  • DISCOUNT-20: You pay an extra 3 euro monthly fee, you get a 20% discount on all data you use.
  • DISCOUNT-40: You pay 5 euros more monthly fee, you get a 40% discount on all data you use.
  • DISCOUNT-60: You pay an extra 10 euro monthly fee, you get a 60% discount on all data you use.


With DISCOUNT rates you do pay a small fixed monthly fee, but you do not pay for unused data as it can be the case with the data packages.

When using DISCOUNT rates you can have an account. Then all your sims must have the same DISCOUNT rate.  You cannot use data packages if you are using a DISCOUNT rate and have an account for your sims.

If you don’t want to have an account your sims can have different DISCOUNT rates, and you can also use data packages if it’s more beneficial.