Roaming is an important source of revenue in the Mobile Telephony industry. Customers pay additional roaming charges for all incoming calls to their phone and for all outgoing calls they make with their phone while they are abroad.

European UNI0N has regulated the roaming tariffs within the UNI0N boundaries. As of 1 may 2016, mobile subscribers of one EU country will pay just 5 cent extra charge for making calls from another EU country to any EU country. Receiving calls in other EU countries costs even less: just 0.015 euro/minute.

The regulation does not empose any rule on how much operators can charge for calling from home country to other countries. Our customers should check their rates for calling from their home country to other EU countries. The 

The 0.15 euro/minute rate of WorldMobile within EU will most likely be cheaper than the rate mobile operator charge for calling from home country to other EU countries.

Roaming costs outside EU are very high. A customer from The Netherlands pays on the average 1.5 euro per minute to receive calls, and pays on the average about 2 euro/minute for making calls outside the EU.

WorldMobile has very attractive rates for customers who

  • + Have to make and receive calls abroad 
  • + Have to make international calls with their mobile from their home country.

Additionally, WorldMobile SIM card offers cheap roaming and calling opportunity in all countries of the world.

In this respect, it is very advantageous than the local SIM cards that you may buy in the countries you visit. Local SIM cards may partly help you calling your home cheap, but receiving calls remains a big cost factor. WorldMobile customers receive calls in over 140 countries free-of-charge.