Travel Data – The new data roaming SIM card by WorldMobile

Travel Data – The new roaming SIM card by WorldMobile that provides
low cost Internet roaming abroad. Save money while using mobile data roaming abroad.

WorldMobile Data SIM works in 196 countries allowing you to take full control of your expenses.

By using WorldMobile Travel Data SIM you will be able to use Internet while travelling abroad the same
way as you are using it at home. 

WorldMobile Travel Data plans not only provide you with the opportunity to use low cost Internet
abroad, but also protect you from unexpected expenses.

Stay in touch with WorldMobile Data roaming SIM from 0.075 € per 1MB.

This revolutionary solution that provides access to mobile Internet abroad requires no subscription and avoids
unexpected expenses.You use only what you have paid for, thereby setting the roaming limit.

Data roaming plans
The use of data plans will allow you to decrease Internet roaming expenses in most countries of the world.

     Plan No.      Volume zone A Volume zone B Period of validity  Rate 
1 50  MB 25  MB 24 hours  €   5,00
2 250  MB 125  MB 7 days  €  19,00
3 500  MB 250  MB 14 days  €  35,00
4 1000  MB 500  MB 30 days  €  69,00
5 2000  MB 1000  MB 30 days  €  95,00
More data 50 MB 25 MB 24 hours


Zone A Austria, Bulgaria, Vatican, United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Hong Kong, Greece, Denmark, Ireland,
Iceland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Turkey,
Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia.

Zone B Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Ghana, Georgia, Egypt, Israel, India, Indonesia,
Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Moldova, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia,
Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Tajikistan, Thailand, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Croatia, Switzerland, Sri Lanka,
South Africa, South Korea.

The plan activation is available on the special rate management page.
Countries that are not in the list have per-megabyte tariffication. The price depends on the country
you are connecting from.

The page is free and is available only to those devices that have WorldMobile Travel Data SIM

          The plan can also be activated by entering the following command into your device   *146*941*Plan No.#
          To check the status of selected plan enter the following command into your device   *146*942#


During the first attempt to access the Internet from smartphone, PC or a tablet through a browser – the WorldMobile
Data page will appear; there you can select the plan, which is most suitable for you.
When you will use all of the megabytes that are included in the selected plans, the Internet will be deactivated.
In this case you will be able to continue using Internet with per-megabyte tariffication or by activating
the „extra data” service, by activating the 25MB plan for 7,50€ for 24 hours by entering the following
combination *146*941*25# or from the service page

New plan can be activated only after the expiration date of the previously activated plan.

Incrementation: in the countries where the Internet plans are not available incrementation
is starting either 1KB or 10KB depending on the country.

After the expiration date of the plans, the residue megabytes included in the plan are reset.

For better understanding of your data consumption abroad
by using pay as you go wireless internet roaming
of WorldMobile - estimate your data usage
      10 MB
     100 MB
           Data roaming social networks    Browse websites or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. (no video)     27  minutes 4,5  hours
           Post a photo to social networks as Facebook, Twitter etc.  20  posts 200  posts
           Stream YouTube videos, online TV or movies 4  minutes 33  minutes
           Stream HD Videos  2  minutes 20  minutes
           Sending/receiving an E-mail Message (text only) 380  mails 4000  mails
           Sending/receiving an E-mail Message with an attachments f.e. 5 MB (images etc) 2  mails 20  mails
           GPS navigation     8  minutes 100  minutes
           Listen music online (i.e. iTunes, online radio) 8  minutes 77  minutes
           Downloading of games, apps, music, files etc 3  files 25  files
           Online gaming 4  minutes 44  minutes
           Text messages with Skype, WhatsApp, Viber - 50 symbols each 335  msg. 3335  msg.
           Skype or Viber calls (no video) 3  minutes  30  minutes
           Skype video call 20  sec.  4  minutes
           Watching HD photos online     28  images 280  images