Refund policy

Customers can return unused sims within 30 days after ther received the sim card.

The customers pays the return shipment costs of the returned pysical sims or telecommunication equipment.

e-sims and credit/data-package purchases do not have any return shipment costs.

Used physical sims (sims that are broken from its plastic case) can not be returned.

In case a customer orders an esim, but afterwards realises that she/he does not have an esim compatible device, then we can replace the esim with a physical sim. Please note that in this case the esim should not have been installed, and in case the customer is outside EU then the customer should pay for the actual shipment costs.

All Worldmobile sims are prepaid. Any purchase of the credit should be used to top-up a sim. Purchased credit can not be paid back to the customer.- The customer can use the credit for another Worldmobile sim/esim, or use it later.

Terms of service

All physical sims will be sent with letter post within the EU, and with normal parcel shipment to outside the EU.

All physical sims will be blocked (inactive) before the shipment. The sims will be activated after we receive an email from the email of the customers used for the ordering.

Our preferred communication method is by email. Customer emails will be replied within 24 hours.

Our phone number +31 20 3033400 is reachable during office hours.

Shipping policy

Physical simcards will be sent by letter post.

The sims will be sent by express delivery only if the customer wants and pays for this shipment type.