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Free Calls from Viber

Free of charge calls from Viber to WorldMobile Mobile numbers are available,
with a wish of a SIM card user and by applying codes provided below.

A call from Viber to your number will not be charged, but the owner of WorldMobile Mobile
SIM card will be charged for such a call only 0.15 €/min.

Activation of this service is free of charge.
No subscription fee.

Service activation
Dial *146*711#
and follow up with a “call” key

Service deactivation
Dial *146*712#
and follow up with a “call” key

Dialing a number from Viber:
+372 (800) (WorldMobile mobile number without +372)

For example: we are calling from Viber free of charge to a user of WorldMobile Mobile
with a number +37253204388, the user is in Italy: We dial +37280053204388.
Cost for the caller is free of charge.
Cost for the one accepting the call - 0.15 €/min

Free calls from Viber to WorldMobile Mobile number are allowed only
in 150 countries with free incoming calls.