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Solutions For Consumers

Most Suitable Products: travelsim, travel esim, M2M sim

– Save hundreds of euros on your trip outside your country
– Ideal during your trip abroad
– Can also be used in the Netherlands, Belgium and the EU
– A prepaid SIM for voice, data and SMS abroad
– Also available as eSIM for your modern device
– International data from 0.0036 Euro/MB (3.60 Euro/GB)
– Balance remains valid for at least 15 months

Solutions For Businesses

Most Suitable Products: Worldmobile PRO sims and e-sims

— International data from 0.0036 Euro/MB (3.60 Euro/GB)
– Shared or SIM-only data bundles and subscriptions
– Free API access for business customers
– Management by SIM or device
– Enterprise Account to manage all your sims
– Suitable for backup Internet with 100% uptime guarantee
– Multi Level Reseller Support



Do not pay 2.50 euros/MB to your provider for data usage abroad.

Worldmobile mobile data with a data package costs from 0.0036 euro/MB depending on the country in which you use data.

Worldmobile mobile data without a data package costs a maximum of 10 cents/MB in 172 countries.

You can choose between our different SIM cards and activate your data package.

WorldMobile Travelsim  is an international SIM card for voice, SMS and data.

Travelsim is also available as e-SIM

There are favorable data packages for nearly all countries.

Small-scale data use in the EU is also beneficial.

This product is ideal as a sim for your travel.

WorldMobile Pro is a professional solution for the business market.

WorldMobile Pro has worldwide coverage, and offers standard API support to manage your sims.

This platform only offers data and SMS services.

WorldMobile Backup Internet product works on this platform and uses more than one network in many countries.

WorldMobile Travel e-SIM is a product for voice, SMS and data.

This product can only be used with devices that support e-SIM.

There are favorable data packages for many countries.

Install an eSIM on your device. Top it up with a small credit and you will always have a travel sim ready for your next trip.

WorldMobile M2M SIM is a product for IoT/M2M devices.

M2M sim is very suitable for equipment that uses small amounts of data.

There are data packages from 5MB/month for 78 cents.

Our top product is a 500MB data package that is valid for 10 years and costs only 28,38 euros.

Prepaid, No fixed costs for Consumer sims

WorldMobile travelsim, M2M and e-SIM SIM cards are prepaid.

There are no fixed costs.

Your balance will not be reduced if you do not use your SIM for a while.

Your balance remains valid for 15 months after the purchase (top-up) date.

Your SIM will remain active for one year after your last use.

Data Packages on all sims

WorldMobile offers data packages for all sims, namely, travelsim (international sim), e-SIM and M2M sim and worldmobile sim and e-sim.

You can see the data packages of all sims on related product pages

All consumer sims are valid for at least 12 months.

Worldmobile sims (except the pro sim) have a long validity: your sim remains active one year after your last use.

Your balance remains valid 15 months after your balance purchase.

By purchasing a Worldmobile sim you always have a travel sim ready for your next trip.

Favorable Rates

WorldMobile offers voice,  data and SMS services abroad with affordable prices.

Data abroad costs as low as 3,60  euros/GB

Sending SMS is possible from 0.05 euro/SMS.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

Please review  the related pages for pricing of our sims.

Business Solutions

Business customers can manage multiple travelsim, e-SIM and M2M sims with one account. Business credit is distributed between the SIM cards when needed.

We recommend Worldmobile Pro product for companies who want to use large numbers of data sims. WorldMobile Pro has its own management platform.

We  provide our services also through resellers.