Own Number with WorldMobile

It is possible to use your own mobile number with the advantages of the WorldMobile network.

People you are calling will see your normal mobile number. WorldMobile support can arrange this for you.

When you get called on your own mobile number, this call can be transferred to your WorldMobile SIM number in a practical and cheap manner.

Here we will explain how this works:

WorldMobile will arrange a local number in your country for you. You will pay a annual fee for this number. For the Netherlands case the fee is 50 euros per year.

Calls coming to this local number will be forwarded to your WorldMobile number. There is a per minute cost of 30 cents for this forwarding.

In principle, anybody can call this local number and reach you.

If you forward your own mobile to this number before you leave your local network in your country, then calls coming to your local mobile number will come to your WorldMobile SIM number via WorldMobile local number.

Depending on your own mobile subscription you may pay a fee to your provider for the local forwarding; plus you will pay 30 cents to WorldMobile. Receiving the call on your WorldMobile abroad is free in the 140+ advantage countries.

The net result is:

You call with your own number with WorldMobile, eliminating expensive roaming rates

You receive calls to your mobile on WorldMobile SIM with a per minute cost of 30 cents instead of the costly roaming charges of your operator.

Please contact WorldMobile support for more information or to order your local number in your country.