WorldMobile is a unique product, being telecommunications with “zero” roaming, combined with free incoming phone calls in numerous countries and cheap outgoing calls all around the world.

WorldMobile SIM offers widely affordable international mobile roaming for both private and business customers. As an esteemed international telecommunications operator, the company removes barriers between continents and fosters international communications across borders.

Our apotheosis is a world of unlimited connectivity among people. Year by year, the stereotype of expensive international roaming and high telecoms costs associated with foreign travel is being gradually weakened. We are glad to realise that the process of wiping out the real, but unseen and intangible, obstacles to connecting people is happening effectively, due to the stability and affordability of WorldMobile’s high-quality telecommunications services.

Mobile telecommunications have become an indispensable part of social and business life, both at home and abroad. WorldMobile SIM fully realises the function of its daily work on society, and the company bears this huge responsibility on behalf of all its subscribers. The key factor of our success is the complete realisation of such a responsibility.