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Bellen naar Skype vanaf 0.02 €/min

WorldMobile Mobile customers can call their relatives, friends and business partners
using a very low rate from 0.02 €/min from 150 countries calling to Skype.

In a situation where there is no possibility to access Internet, WorldMobile Mobile
International SIM will allow calling to Skype from mobile, if you are located
in one of 150 countries with free incoming calls, at a rate equal to one minute
of an outgoing call!

Your contact will receive an incoming call in their Skype free of charge.

How much costs WorldMobile to Skype Service?
During calls to Skype a cost of a call will be equal to one minute of a regular outgoing
call in the country of location. Meaning, if the user is in Greece, then the price of a call
(duration no longer then 15 minutes) will be equal to one minute of the outgoing call rate
in Greece (0.31 €/min).

Where WorldMobile to Skype service works?
Low rate calls to Skype are possible only from countries with free incoming calls!

How does WorldMobile to Skype service work?
Your contact has to attach any of their phone numbers to their Skype ID here.
After entering a phone number and Skype ID your contact will receive SMS with a code,
which they have to use further.

Now WorldMobile Mobile user by dialling a number of their contact with 800 prefix will be able to call his Skype by the price of one minute of an outgoing call in the country of location for the whole conversation.

Example how to call
Contacts number attached to Skype ID is +49 171 12345678
WorldMobile Mobile user dials 8004917112345678

The duration of such call to Skype by the price of one outgoing minute in a country of location is limited by 15 minutes, meaning you can communication 15 times cheaper.
In order to continue conversation it is required to call again.
For successful call you contact has to have installed Skype with „online” status.
Skype settings have to allow accepting calls from all users.
(Settings > Calls > mark „Accept all calls”)