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Conference communications

WorldMobile Mobile customer can initiate conference for up to 10 participants
(including WorldMobile Mobile user).

Conference organization
Call the following number +372 993
Press * after response of automatic response machine and dial participants number
in international format, who has to be added to a conference and press #.
For example: +372-993*74951234567#

In order to connect an additional participant to a conference it is required to dial *, and * once more and to enter a number of another participant in international format and press #.
For example: +372-993*74951234567#**74951234567#
when the new participant has replied it is required to press *, to unite all participants.

Maximal participant number is 10, including WorldMobile Mobile user. The service costs according to a rate of an outgoing call in a country of location.
Thus the final cost is calculated the following way:
Total conference duration (starting from a call to a service number +372 993)
duration of each participant in a conference.